Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Awakening

The dawn has arrived.

The gates are drawn opened.

The dam has been release.

The hourglass has been turned.

The wheels of words are turning.

The pen of the scribe is now active.

The story will resume.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

grey and fading fast

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Of Tidal Waves And Change

Is a tidal wave of change coming? Maybe it already has come and swept all over. Has it really drowned me out already? Maybe that's why it's so hard to breathe. How did i not see such a huge wave? Maybe some things in life really does blind you.

Hindsight is so tragically ironic. You see things that you wish you'd have seen earlier.

Is there any hope?

How can i start to describe the pain? maybe i'm not supposed to. maybe it's only for me to feel. How do i know where to turn? maybe i'm not supposed to. maybe it's time to jump

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Normality of Tedious Routines Resumes

Life is a little funny in it's own way. When you start working, things just seem to fly past without much excitement at all. Whether its a boring job or an interesting one, they're all the same; Wake up, Work sleep, wake up, work sleep... etc. Nothing else really to breakup the routine. Is it any different doing other jobs?

Starting my own business? I suppose the tedium in that would be worrying about cash flow everyday... oh well...

I just hope interesting things pop up. I don't like getting bored........................................

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Work work *in warcraft III peon style*

Would anyone believe this? I'm a lecturer and people actually call me "Sir". Hmmm..... that's a nice change.... :D

All this started when I didn't get the job offer from the studio which I was waiting for. The CEO of Ocean Institute of Audio Technology called me up and made an appointment. When I got there, it wasn't even an interview! I got a job offer right away! Now that's really something else. The next couple of days the studio came back to me with a job offer too... Now I had 2 to choose from.

I really don't wanna go all long winded and such... so in short, I chose the 'easy' path. Lots of time for me to 'rest' and do my other side projects ( teaching, albums etc) and pretty reasonable pay to boot! Thank you, God!

And a special shout out to my special one. You know who you are. *muax*

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I'm alive... and bored... and lost the craving to surf... hmmm.....

oh well....

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bad Management and Horrible Attitude (bmha)

It's amazing how some people can be a GM or a CEO and know nothing about the products/services that their company is offering. I was doing some product research and stock purchasing today with my boss (who shall not be named). We went to this semi-big music intruments store (which shall not be named, again) in the city centre to check out what they have. Good stuff there and reasonable prices. So we decided to get a few of their guitars (ooops.....killed the secrecy a bit :p) to test the market where we are.

The staff there was aquainted to my boss and he gave us top notch service, the management, on the other hand, was a totally different matter. We picked out a few that caught our eyes and waited to inspect the stock that they planned to give us. Bmha #1 came along. The gm actually almost objected to that. Which company is that bad that they do not allow clients to inspect the stuff that they are selling?

Anyway, they brought the stock out and we did get to check the guitars that we ordered. We were satisfied with most of the things they brought out except for two items; a dreadnought acoustic/electric and a Peavey wolfgang (for the uninitiated: a type of electric guitar) lookalike. First off, the Dreadnought A/E. There were chips on the finish on the dreadnought! Imagine buying a brand new car with chips on the paint! They didn't have anymore stock so we didn't take any of that and end of that story.

Next, the electric guitar brought much more trauma. The first one that they took out, there was a ding in the neck! Like a dent on that brand new Saga you just bought; it's a cheap car but it shouldn't have bad quality! So we rejected that one and they brought another one out. The next one had a huge gap between the neck and the body! Imagine the door of your Saga not meeting the body panel. Onto the next one, The finish (paint) on it was horrible, a few big spots were missed! Think about the new black Saga with spots of metal at some places! Another one showed that it had a wood chipped out of the fret board! Let's go back to the new Saga, only this time it has a small chunk of metal missing from the bonnet! A few more horror stories come about but finally we manage to find a piece that we could compromise on; small issues but plays and looks great all the same. What's the point of saying all this? bmha #2 rears its face: The GM was angry at us for inspecting and checking what we wanted to buy!!! WOW! Did she expect us to take the shit that she was trying to push as decent products?

Why bad management? bmha #3: The staff that attended to us told us later that the GM, doesn't know nuts about guitars (and I assume music as well)! How far are you going to get trying to sell something that you know nothing about? So did SHE (the GM) only think of 'money in' and don't really care about the stuff that her company sells. That's disgusting. We were considered a nuisance by her because we insisted on quality. The business world maybe tough, but this is the perfect example of how to lose a customer quick. Her only saving grace is that her company offers products that are cheaper that competitors. Imagine when there are more companies offering the same advantage, i would bet my left nut that she would care more about checking her stock.

All this just reminds me of the Malaysian mentality. Just because some companies *cough*Proton*cough* *cough*BentleyMusic*cough* dominate their sector, it doesn't give them a right to be superior. They couldn't really care much about customer relations and quality control. This really pisses off the market that you're catering to. More so when you're talking about a market as small as Malaysia. When the market opens up, they WILL die out.

Malaysian mentality = me big, you small, me sell, you shut up! ???

You tell me.

For once, I wish I could walk into a big shop, be treated reasonably (not even asking to be treated special) look at products which are consistent in quality and get value for my money. Malaysia oh, Malaysia! Time to wake up.